Who the heck am I?

In Eve Online I’ve discovered my character is a bit gimped in what I am really interested in.  I love exploiting inequalities in the market.  Another region buys and sells the same item for a notch less than they do in another region.  I want to buy loads from one and sell them in the other.  Quite simple, but you need to have a big ship in order to make your time worth it.  The race/class/career I chose back when I started over a month ago is ill-suited to train the skills needed to get there.

Now there may be some debate about this complaint that I can’t fly the enormous freighters- “You have to put your time in before you can be an elite class” kind of a debate, which I will admit is quite valid.  However, that’s not really point, is it?  I’m not wanting to be l33t immediately.  I’m simply irritated that my totally ignorant decisions on things I had no real way of knowing about are now coming back to haunt me.  I have certain challenges now because I had to, for all intents and purposes, arbitrarily make choices on what I thought I might like in the game without knowing what I would like in the game.  And, these choices forever influenced my game experience.

That’s fine, nothing is served to you on a silver platter.  You have to deal with the cards dealt.  However, let me define who I am as I play, rather than having some element of that definition be decided in one fell swoop from the beginning before I have any solid understanding of what that choice entails.  Just give me a blank slate just like everyone else, and let me take it from there.  Let my informed decisions define who I am, not some decisions forced upon me before I even play the game.  Besides, it would allow the game developers to devote more time and effort into the more interesting systems.