Mid to Long Term Goal

When I decided to succomb to the “Game Design Bug” I started looking around teh intarweb for information on how to get jobs in the game design field.  Low and behold, there is tons of stuff out there on just such a topic.  One of the tips that struck me as quite important was the one about having a portfolio to show.  So, that’s what I’ve been doing.  Primarily I’ve been working on design documents.

Design docs are not easy as one may initially think.  You find that your grand game system idea has a lot more to be spelled out than you realize, and that’s even when you’re an experienced game designer.  However, that’s exactly what you need to do and I find I rather enjoy coming across unforseen problems with game mechanic interactions.

Sorry to delay.  Here’s my current project.  I want to develop a dynamic creature population system that essentially takes care of all creature population maps.  The ideal is that we don’t need a person to manually place every creature spawn spot, all the creature spawn spots take care of themselves, and over time each species as a whole will end up being located in the general vicinity of preferred terrain types.  So, a map designer can think in more general terms in regards to creature population maps and how the map as a whole will “tend” towards.

I will be using the Realm Crafter MMO game engine for this project.  I’m not a programming whiz so this is a bit of stretch for me, though I will be using a scripting language built in, so it shouldn’t be too much.  I will update as things develop.