Me and Tools

The following is not a completed thread of thought.  I’m publishing it in the hopes that it will spin off other thoughts that eventually result in further understanding.  Consider the concepts involved rather than the argument as whole.

My awareness cannot be used as a tool.  I can’t use my own will as a tool.  I can use my body as a tool.  I can use the objects around me as a tool.  I can even use other people as a tool.  But it’s my will that’s doing the using of the tools.

My awareness, my will, is to me the ultimate.  Everything else is external to me- everything “not me” is, well, exactly that.  It’s not me.  Even God.  Same deal with other people.

My awareness is quite good at identifying “me” and “not me”, itself vs. an other.  I suppose this ability to differentiate between “me” and “not me” is an elemental analysis that can be found in every single thought or decision one makes.

I think the point kind of boils down to this: if it’s not “me”, then I ask, “What can I do with that?”  We see every “not me” thing as a potential tool.

Really, the only thing I can be convinced of, or take for granted, is my own consciousness.  I am aware.  I have a will.  It’s the only appropriate thing to simply take as a given.  Interestingly, I can study another person’s will and awareness, and I can even get to the point where I have a vast understanding of how it works, how their awareness can come into being.  However, I can’t really turn that analysis around on my own awareness.  Regardless of how far I pick it apart I will always assume my awareness exists.  Edmund Husserl talks about this in “The Crisis of the European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology”, in case you want more reading.

How does this matter?  It’s truth.  It’s reality.  If you take for granted something that is not truth, then there will be problems later on.  If you make a decision based upon inaccurate information, that is “not truth”, then later on there will likely be problems.

Tying this esoteric stuff back to MMO game design, if everything in an MMO is a tool, then let’s simply build tools.  That’s how every system and sub system should be designed.  As a tool, first and foremost.