Long-term MMO Success

JZigishness: How to Get People to Talk

The theory is that it’s not precisely the game mechanics and overall enjoyability that results in a successful MMO, long-term success especially.  It’s actually the “talk-about-ability” of the game.  It’s whether or not your playerbase talks about the game (in a positive tone) in the real world, [both with fellow players as well as well non-players].

Interestingly, this strikes me as an excellent tool by which to tune an existing MMO, and somehow it can be used in the design process as well- I haven’t thought about that as yet.  I’ve read several posts from people saying what they liked most about X game was the exciting events that happened in it; especially the fact that they talk about them with friends outside the game, so I think it’s quite a valid point.

I’m at a loss for profundity for some reason.  I’m not sure why- maybe I’m tired and need to go outside.  I know this topic that Ben is addressing- players talking with each other about your game (positively)- is very important.  My sense is I need to let it “simmer” some, and later it’ll come to me how its fundamental aspects connect with game mechanics and the game in general.  It’s good stuff.  Granted the posting is a bit old.  but I like it.