Long Running linux command and you don’t want to have to keep the terminal window open

in my case it’s a 2+ TB file I’m copying with scp. I can’t realistically expect to keep a putty window open the whole time. Here’s a Stack Overflow post that seems to be working alright:

http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/65116/does-a-scp-transfer-close-when-i-close-the-shell (3rd comment down, by

Create screen
user@server:~$ screen -S bigscptransfer

You’re now in the screen
ser@server:~$ scp bigfile.dat server2:.

Detach from the screen using CTRL+A then push D
[detached from 5899.bigscptransfer]

Resume session when you need it with:
user@server:~$ screen -r bigscptransfer