Impromptu Player Activity

An interesting thing has recently happened in Eve: Online.  The value of Scordite, a kind of raw ore you can mine from asteroids, has gone up quite a bit.  So lots of people have been frantically mining Scordite to make a decent bit of cash.

The interesting part is that the higher price of Scordite is purely due to a few players setting up buy orders for  so much Scordite at that higher price.  In Star Wars Galaxies there were occasions where the carnivore meat on Dantooine was of excellent quality so lots of people would rush there to get it.  In World of Warcraft in order to open “The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj” players had to contribute loads of various resources so players were a bit frantic about doing so.  The point is that in most MMOs any “eddies” in the day-to-day flow of player activity tend to be due to in -game events or other dev-generated content.  In the case of the high price of Scordite in Eve: Online, and the resultant player activity to take advantage of it, it’s entirely player-driven; it’s truly “impromptu”.