I Took the Plunge – Eve: Online

I’ve been playing Eve: Online lately.  Just last week I finally decided I needed to understand the game, especially the economy and the crafting system.  I had been a bit resistant for a while now because I’ve given the trial a go, but the game struck me as empty and a bit cumbersome.  I’m beginning to feel a bit differently about it now, but I’m not yet hooked wholesale.

One thing I can say is that I am feeling an excitement at possibility and meaning that I have not felt for quite some time.  Since most items in the game must be player-crafted in order for them to exist, I have the sense that even mindlessly mining matters.  When I take a load back to a station and hit “sell”, I am selling to some other player’s standing order for so much of such-and-such ore.  When I want to buy something, I am buying directly from another player who has posted that item for sale.

I don’t consider Eve to be ideal.  I think the user interface may be a bit cumbersome (though it could just be due to complexity and a learning curve) and the world still feels a bit empty, but the unique sense you get from the sheer size of space is pretty exquisite.  I think travel takes up a bit more time than I prefer, and there is kind of a lot of downtime.  Granted I’m still learning the game, and believe I’m still learning it, but these negative impressions are what kept me away from the game for so long.  I’m sure the same is the case with others.

I will mention various things about Eve: Online as I think of it.