How things get restored in Google Drive after a big delete

Imagine this:

– You have a Google Drive folder that’s receiving daily builds. This means the previous day’s build gets deleted.

– Then one day you delete the folder accidentally. You know Google Drive keeps backups of everything, so you just go in to your Google Drive trash, find the folder and then right-click > Restore.

Well, you get your stuff back, that’s for sure. All of it. All of the files that had ever been in that folder. Heh. And it takes a good several hours for them all to eventually show up, and they appear gradually over that time.

Now, how many people are syncing the folder? Hah. Full hard disks a-plenty. You kind of have to just sit there refreshing the web view of the folder, deleting all the old files.

Really, I’d recommend creating a new folder and selectively restoring the specific files you need. That should be a much faster solution. Now if you have apps or something pointed at the URL of the actual folder, then, well, you’ve got a long day ahead of you. Just keep deleting the files as they show up. It’ll work.