HDD Crash… whee

I got up this morning to discover my hard drive had crashed, complete with that pleasant clicking noise.  I’m sure I lost a number of things, and I’m sure I will be wracked with regret at having not set up more backup processes.  I had not thought to back up the scripts I had been working on as part of the creature populations project, so I’ve experienced a bit of a set back there.  Since I’m in the UK and I am not keen on spending 35% extra for a replacement hard drive, I’m going to have to wait a bit for a friend to bring one from the States.  He just so happens to be coming out for a visit this weekend.  Or, maybe I’ll locate something here in the mean time.  Likely I’ll just get one here.  I’m impatient like that

Anyways, backup your stuff.  If you have a web hosting plan that allows for more storage space than you strictly need for a web site, I’d recommend SyncBack.  It’s a great program that will back up and synchronize in all kinds of ways.  I had several profiles set up to do daily backups to an FTP server.  I didn’t, however, have profiles set up for all the things I really should have.  To think how simple it was to do and I didn’t do it.  But alas, such is life, and at worst it’s just money lost and time spent.  I can guarantee you I will be a pro at data backup now.  Well, if not operating at a professional level at least I’ll do it 😉

update:  This is odd.  After looking around online for replacement hard drives, I decided to put this one back in and try it out- just for the heck of it.  And it worked.  Why, I don’t know.  It was making clicking and kachunk noises as the message “could not locate boot disk” showed up on the screen.  I don’t get it, but a few checkdisk programs didn’t even find any problems.  Whatever the case, I’m ordering a new one, but I’m counting my blessings.  And yes, I’ve backed up everything important and with SyncBackI’ve set up automated backups of the most important.