Eve Online Dev Blog and Virtual Worlds

The following is taken from http://myeve.eve-online.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&bid=440.  It’s from the dev blog for Eve Online, and it’s a response to one of the most oft-submitted player feedback complaints/worries in response to changes in the latest game patch.

We are forcing you into low security and PVP!

Not at all. EVE is about freedom of choice. We simply provide the options, but reserve the right to deliver these options in context. This should also be more clear in what we addressed above, let’s see what the current changes do to the landscape and take it from there.

But is there PVP in low security? Absolutely. We entered an entirely different discussion about low security policing, and that we want it to be done by players. And we would reward them for it. A very reasonable sentiment was that “I don’t want to police, I don’t have the time” and so on. Perfectly understandable.

But here comes the thing. The policing is done by players and player organizations that want to play EVE that way. The ones that enjoy chasing down player pirates and providing havens where they benefit from having pilots basing their operations from.

For short. The beauty of the MMO is that there are so many tasks, so many corners of the universe, so many professions in there. You don’t have to be the police, but you can benefit from other players policing for you. The other people. Don’t forget them.

That is what I want to see more of in MMO virtual worlds.  The goal is to allow for play styles and allow for those play styles to be motivated by real, meaningful in-game motivators.

I say I want to see more of it, but in reality I am sure that’s what we will see more and more of in the future.  I believe it’s the rational, natural progression of the industry, though I would like to see it happen sooner rather than later.

I think Eve Online has done many things right.  They have tried to stick to making the tools to allow for a virtual world, rather than “making a game”.  And when I read the type of thing from the dev blog above, I am encouraged, both from a design perspective as well as a financial perspective- Crowd Control Productions is financial profitable and they are making a virtual world rather than a “game”.