Easiest Way to Run Perforce

Install Perforce according to this: https://capnjosh.com/blog/installing-perforce-on-ubuntu-server-16/

Then run the configure script mentioned in what comes out after the installer ran.

That script essentially just sets up a .conf file in /etc/perforce/p4dctl.conf.d/

You can edit that thing directly or add another one if you want to have another perforce instance running on the same machine.

Note: you cannot use p4dctl with replication, as best as I can tell – it clobbers any “p4 configure” things that may have been set in the master-configured stuff ro the replica.

Start and Stop all perforce instanced mentioned in /etc/perforce/p4dctl.conf.d/:
p4dctl start -a

p4dctl stop -a